Our Company

Executive Summary

“Sharing” is GBE’s philosophy, we share the benefit with people throughout working and developing its own business and assets. Within GBE’s work environment, we encourage our team to help those people who needs help especially in those un-developed region.

We work in transparent partnership with all our partners , We maintain our position as a leader in project funding, as well as providing local community with innovative energy solutions which includes renewable energy, clean energy.

We and Our funding consortium pride our self on our culture of integrity and innovation, providing value creation along with corporate and social responsibility. The projects that we help must also do their part showing they too have humanitarian aspects to their endeavors.

Combining adventure and challenge with the belief that anything is truly possible, GBE deliver world class expeditions that impact and influence global change with the aim of improving the lives of those less fortunate

Our Mission

To provide people opportunity to enjoy the power in their life

Our Vision

Bring most clean and efficiency energy to people who need

Who we are

Our Cooperation

GBE establish business in energy and resources sector to help energy users to sources resources from out side of China. We provide importing service to users in southern China region, focusing on deliver high quality oil & gas for industry consumers.

We also keep looking for Power Plant opportunity in South East Asia. Transfer the high efficiency power to generators to produce electricity for local region.

Our innovative R&D team discover the last technology across from waste to gas, gas to power, power to electricity, and emerging such technology to power plant industry. We achieve this by using proven technology that converts compounds in the waste from a solid state into a gas. such technology complies with the most stringent national and international emissions standards.



Greater Bay Energy (GBE) imports oil and natural gas, which are sold to various industrial businesses throughout the southern China. The Company strives to be an asset to its community as well as to its nation. By providing a quality product on an international scale, GBE is fulfilling the needs of businesses in need of its services.

GBE also has a strong environmental focus, in which it will keen high interest in developing power plant with clean energy such as solar farm, hydro power plant, nuclear power plant, reduce electric costs and conserve energy. For example , it is sustainable potential to supply off grid community with electricity from small hydro power plant, which bring great benefit to the remote area.

With adequate funding, GBE will be able to expand its business to south-east Asia and continue to be a positive resource. Furthermore, GBE will be able to build on its exposure through effective capability.

The Champion in Energy